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The Feathered Liquorice Catsuit

Dive into the night with our exquisite Feathered Liquorice Catsuit. Crafted from premium lycra in a deep, dark shade of black, this catsuit is as sultry as it is sophisticated. The standout feature? A striking line of enchanting black feathers cascading down the neckline, adding a touch of movement and allure with every step you take. As the feathers gracefully drape across your body and delicately clip onto your hip, a subtle closure under the bust ensures a snug and stylish fit. Embrace your inner sassy and sleek goddess with this unparalleled piece that is sure to captivate every eye in the room.

Fits size small to medium

Please send me a text message or email to order your size, and style. Delivery on pre-orders is one week ❤️

082 572 4652